Larry David Impatiently Awaits The Return Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ In The Season Ten Teaser

Curb Your Enthusiasm turns 20 next year, but thanks to all those breaks creator-star Larry David has taken — including a giant one between 2011 and 2017 — the season arriving in January will only be its tenth. The show’s fans surely have learned to be patient — except if they’re anything like its eternally lightly flummoxed anti-hero they probably haven’t. It’s fitting, then, that the season’s new teaser is all about its star predictably having zero chill.

The minute-long clip finds David’s fictionalized version of himself battling one of his maddening-ever foes: a toaster. In an existentialist white room that could be him trapped in his own personal hell, Larry stares at the appliance in question, sometimes standing back to stare it down from afar, sometimes going in for a graphic close-up, ready to pounce. And pounce he finally does.

“We couldn’t wait either,” a title card eventually reads. You said it: It’s been two years since Larry’s last adventures, which largely revolved around him inspiring a fatwa after announcing his latest project: Fatwa!, a musical comedy about Salman Rushdie. On a sad note, it will also be the first season without the great Bob Einstein, who long played Larry’s frenemy Marty Funkhouser. The husky-voiced performer (and Albert Brooks sibling) passed away earlier this year.