‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Will Probably Return In The Fall, But Only One Episode Will Be Devoted To The COVID Pandemic, According To Jeff Garlin

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin seems pretty confident that the show’s eleventh season will be returning in the Fall. While talking to The Ringer‘s “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt” podcast, Garlin revealed that the HBO series only has a few weeks of filming left, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, all ten episodes will start showing up later in the year. However, while Garlin wouldn’t get into any plot details out of respect to creator Larry David, he did make it clear that the new season will be COVID-free with one exception.

“I want to say that except for the first episode, we don’t do any COVID stuff. The first episode it touches on, there’s a couple of things. But it’s a post-COVID world in Curb,” Garlin told Brandt. He also laid out why he was happy with that decision after watching South Park, in his opinion, stumble with its take on the pandemic. “South Park had the first COVID issue they did — so well written, so well done. I didn’t laugh once. People don’t want to watch COVID stories. We’ve got our own COVID stories. Get them away from me.”

Of course, Garlin made it clear that David is the creative force behind Curb, and ultimately, the show’s direction lies with him. “Everything is based on what Larry wants to write, and then he writes it,” Garlin explained. “I would’ve, yes, probably disagreed with him if he had a lot of COVID stuff. And we have so much respect… I’m not gonna say listened, but he would’ve taken that seriously.”

Fortunately, it sounds like Garlin and David were of the same mind with on the “COVID stuff” for when Curb (hopefully) comes back in the Fall.

(Via The Ringer)