J.B. Smoove Tries (And Fails) To Get Larry David Excited For ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 9

The last new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, season eight’s “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox,” aired on Sept. 11, 2011. That is simply unacceptable (although, considering the date, somehow appropriate). Larry David has remained busy with movies (Whatever Works), made-for-TV movies (Clear History), and cranky impressions (Bernie Sanders on SNL), but it’s not the same as having Curb back in our lives. Unfortunately, David is nowhere to be seen in a video HBO just posted to celebrate the first day of filming for season nine.

Fortunately, Morris Day and the Time fanatic J.B. Smoove is.

“Leon Black is back, baby,” Smoove says, before trying to get David to leave his trailer. It doesn’t work. That can only mean one thing: “If you don’t come outside, I’m gonna do this whole season by myself. And don’t think I can’t do it.” Smoove waits a beat. “Hey, get them cameras ready. Here comes J.B.”

Of course, that’s not the real Larry David. The really Larry David, as Smoove told Uproxx, is a “soft-spoken, funny guy. He has his interests. He loves his golf, and other certain things he loves, and we’ve become friends. I love that guy.” It would be interesting watching a Leon Black spin-off, though.

As long as my man Marty Funkhouser comes along for the ride, too.