J.B. Smoove Says Everybody’s Back For ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ And He Even Offered Bill Belichick A Role

As J.B. Smoove revealed back in November, filming for the long-awaited ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was finally underway. That’s good news for fans of Smoove’s Leon Black, obviously, but what about the rest of the characters we love and have sorely missed since the last episode aired in September? Good news: Smoove is in Houston this week, once again serving as The Rich Eisen Show’s special Super Bowl LI correspondent, and he offered the titular host an update on what season nine will deliver for hardcore fans that desperately need a fix of the good stuff.

“Everybody’s back, man,” Smoove told Eisen. He say they’re having a blast filming this “amazing, amazing show,” but it wasn’t as easy as it seems. Smoove admits, using his best (or worst) Larry David impression, that the show’s star wasn’t all that sure about what they were doing when the cameras started rolling. “But after the first take… let me tell you something: That man, he realized what he’s missed and how this is what people want.”

Season nine is still filming, as Eisen told me for an upcoming interview that Smoove had to take a break so he could attend Super Bowl LI Media Night for the show. The comedian even served as a casting agent when he arrived at the reporters’ scrum for Patriots coach and Curb fan Bill Belichick. Just look at Belichick’s face when Smoove asked him about the show. That almost qualifies as a smile!