The CW’s Heroes Vs. Aliens Crossover Is Revealed In This First Clip

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11.11.16 2 Comments

At the end of November, after we’ve given thanks for our families and then stormed the mall like it’s Starling City’s annual Open-Air Fistfight Invitational, we’ll return to our lives and get back to the truly important things, like watching a bunch of superheroes beat the ever-loving crap out of some goopy alien invaders OMG YOU GUYS!!!! Ahem. Sorry. I’m just excited. Although not as excited as Felicity in this clip.

It’s literally just the heroes meeting each other for the first time, as apparently the Flash grabs Supergirl out of the multiverse and runs her in to meet everybody. Including Ollie, who is a grump as usual. Come on, Kara. Squish his face! Make him smile! Also it appears the Legends have slipped out of the timestream to kick a bunch of alien tuchus, so that should be fun as well.

And if nothing else, it means the return of geeky, giddy, Felicity, which is what everyone needs right now:

The CW

As for the actual plot, the CW revealed a few images to Entertainment Weekly, and it appears that, among other things, the team will have to deal with a ticked John Diggle and the return of Laurel Lance, possibly to deal with her dad’s little, ah, problem revealed this week on Arrow. The crossover starts on Supergirl on Monday, November 28th, goes to The Flash on Tuesday, before hopping to Arrow on Wednesday and wrapping up with Legends Of Tomorrow on Thursday, all at 8pm EST on their respective days. Yes, amazingly, the CW does not have a DC show on Fridays. Well, yet.

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