We Might Have Seen The Last Of Daario On ‘Game Of Thrones’

If you watch TV for uplifting love stories, you should not be watching Game of Thrones. Even when the show seems to be developing a meaningful romantic relationship, there’s little doubt that the relationship will end, and it typically will not end well. Such was the case in the season six finale.

Finally complete with a fleet of ships and an army to fill them, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) was ready to set out from Meereen and claim the Iron Throne for herself. Her loyal soldier and main squeeze, Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman), seemed pumped to be by her side as she took on Westeros, but Dany had other plans. She commanded him to stay and keep Meereen in a peaceful state, half because she needs someone she trusts there, and half because she doesn’t actually love him. (Ouch.) He reluctantly obeys, and as she sails away, you can almost see him weeping on the pier of the Bay of Dragons. So this breakup was decidedly less dramatic than others in seasons past, but even though Daario didn’t die, is he gone from Game of Thrones for good?

While no official casting announcement has been made for season seven, it’s hard not to speculate about the fate of Essos’ resident hopeless romantic. It’s unlikely any plot points will be happening on that side of the world now that Daenerys has left, so there seems to be little reason to return for a check-in on Daario’s peacekeeping ventures. Huisman admits in an interview with Vulture that Daario’s unfamiliarity with Westeros means “he’s really of no use to her over there.” A potential nail in the coffin is rumors of Huisman’s casting in Justice League, which would likely cause major scheduling conflicts.

But hope may not be completely lost for those longing to see Daario and his magnificent stubble again. Season six saw the return of the Hound, Benjen Stark, Osha and Rickon, and a slew of other characters that have disappeared in seasons prior. Huisman is using Game of Thrones‘ penchant for resurrection to remain hopeful. In an interview with The Daily Beast, he says he’s “disappointed” that Daario didn’t get a death scene, but maintains, “he’s still out there, you know. It’s a big world. He got left behind, but who knows?” And since Euron Greyjoy is headed for Meereen with no knowledge of Daenerys’ voyage towards Westeros, someone has to be there to break the bad news. Daario may just be the first person in Essos to pull out “new phone, who dis?”