‘Dads’ Season Finale Takes A Pot Shot At ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ In Legitimately Hilarious Scene

Like most of you, I do not watch Seth MacFarlane’s Dads. Before it even aired, the pilot sounded all-time awful, and when it finally did air, it was all-time awful. It was the worst reviewed sitcom of the year, landing a whopping 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Last night, Dads aired its first season finale. It probably won’t return for a second season. But at least it went out big.

For a show that’s been accused to being tasteless and offensive all season, it did not let up in going out with a song at an AA meeting about the virtues of drinking called “Bottoms Up.” It’s legitimately funny, even if it takes an undeserving potshot at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I say this as someone who both hates Dads and loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Apparently, only part of the scene aired during the episode last night. Here’s the extended web-version of “Bottoms Up.” It’s fantastic. (The Brooklyn Nine-Nine dig comes at the 1:45 mark, and it’s both funny and laughable.)