Daenerys’ Possible Destination Should Make ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Very Happy

At the end of season six of Game of Thrones, Daenerys and her entourage, including Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, a Dothraki horde, and a turtle (they’re in the ocean; I’m sure there’s a turtle somewhere), set sail to Westeros. Finally. But Westeros is pretty big — where exactly are they planning on docking? It’s not as if they can dock on Cersei’s door, and expect a quick surrender. Dany’s destination is one of the biggest questions heading into season seven, which won’t premiere until next summer, but we might have our answer.

Spanish newspaper El Correo reported that Muriola Beach in Barrika has been selected as a shooting location for next season, with the Independent adding, “Town Mayor Robert Muñoz is… being ‘kept in the dark’ about why exactly filming is taking place on the scenic beach.” One possible scenario is that’s where Daenerys is headed, and the beach will double as Dragonstone, a former Targaryen stomping ground. Giving credence to this theory is Watchers on the Wall’s report that the Dragonpit, a massive dragon-holding vault inside King’s Landing, will make its Game of Thrones debut this season.

“Besides the fact that we’ll be seeing another intriguing site,” WotW writes, “the larger takeaway from this news is that based on the Dragonpit’s established location and what our source told us, we can confirm Daenerys will be arriving in King’s Landing in season seven.” It’s about time.

(Via the Independent and Watchers on the Wall)