This Is A Reminder That Daenerys Targaryen May Be The Only Person Who Can Save Westeros

Winter has come, and with it, the White Walkers will be making moves towards The Wall. Jon Snow may be King in the North, and Cersei Lannister may have King’s Landing in the palm of her hand, but there’s little men can do if the White Walkers make it past the Wall’s magic (which seems inevitable). A trio of massive, fire-breathing dragons would be a great help in a time like this.

So what does the second-to-last Targaryen do when the White Walkers ruin her bid for the Iron Throne? Will her Hand advise her to turn north, where the true enemy threatens the realm? Perhaps this is when the Three Headed Dragon theory gets proven true, just like R+L=J. Dany, Jon and Tyrion, all riding on the backs of dragons, eschewing the politics and games of King’s Landing and focusing on what really matters — the survival of everyone they know and love.

Dany has had a singular purpose since she first appeared — put the Targaryen blood back on the throne — and yet, she continually shows her selflessness as she imposes her will on anyone who crosses her. Will she put her own needs aside once more? Is there any other choice?