Daft Punk Did Bupkis At The VMAs After Bailing On Colbert

08.26.13 34 Comments

Daft Punk was scheduled to appear on The Colbert Report a few weeks ago, but they canceled at the last minute due to a conflict with Comedy Central’s Viacom sibling MTV, who had the group booked for a “surprise appearance” at last night’s VMAs. You may have heard about it, seeing as Colbert went all scorched earth on his episode that night, explaining the situation to the audience and filling the freshly-empty chunks of time with a very fun, star-studded celebrity dance party. Lemons, lemonade, etc.

Anyway, this last minute no-show caused many to wonder exactly what the legendarily reclusive French duo had planned for the VMAs. A performance? A two-on-two basketball game against the LMFAO dudes? An act involving a wide array of wildlife jumping through flaming hoops while riding skateboards? Nope. None of that. They just, like, stood there, the fact that they appeared at all serving as the “surprise.”

So, to recap: Daft Punk canceled on Colbert to preserve the sanctity of a rare, surprise public appearance on an awards show three weeks later that everyone already knew about because Colbert announced it to the world while cutting a rug with Bryan Cranston and Henry Kissinger. Winner by TKO: Colbert.

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