‘The Daily Show’ Attempts To Find The ‘Badassery’ In The Navy’s Embrace Of Biofuel

Contrary to popular belief, the vehicles of the United States Armed Forces are not fuelled by warlock blood and 3 Doors Down records. America’s military might still requires somewhat more traditional fuels, but as The Daily Show‘s Hasan Minhaj discovered, the U.S. Navy is currently embracing a new green era. Who says Late Night Week can’t be educational and environmentally conscious?

On tonight’s edition of the Comedy Central news program, Minhaj investigated the navy’s shift into employing a biofuel strategy and (more importantly) pondered whether or not the Armed Forces can be a badass organization without going hard on fossil fuels. What’s next? The naval band performing My Morning Jacket tunes during its “gap year?”

Seeing as this is The Daily Show, Minhaj’s faux exposé is mostly an opportunity to skewer voices calling for an end to exploring better options for the environment. (Disappointing political tactics ahoy!) Oh, also the Secretary of the Navy got to analyze Minhaj’s artistic rending of what would happen to America’s naval strength if things kept moving in this method.

“What in the world is that? Is that a doobie?” asks Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

Yes, Mr. Secretary, that is a doobie. Come to think of it, attitudes towards marijuana in the country suggest that such an approach wouldn’t do half-bad.

(Via Comedy Central)