Jon Stewart Responded To The Backlash Over His Pizza Rant With A Magical New York Pizza PSA… And A Truce?

It’s been less than a week since Jon Stewart delivered his fantastic, tough-but-fair tirade about Chicago’s “pizza” scene, and in that short period he’s collected plenty of “feedback” from misguided Midwestern defenders of swampy non-pizza muck.

“Slams” calling his purposely exaggerated New York accent over-the-top, death panel-ish tweets, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s dead fish casserole peace offering… Stewart has absorbed it all:

Having digested all of that input, The Daily Show responded last night with a star-studded PSA demonstrating the magical healing powers of New York pizza:

In the spirit of healing, Stewart then brought out a fourth-generation Chicago pizza maker to share a slice (carving? chunk?) of his product. Silverware was provided (ugh). And then, shocking the world over, Jon Stewart, champion of New York pizza, did the unthinkable: he called a Pizza War ceasefire with his unarmed opponent.

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