Main Takeaway From ‘Daily Show’ Report On Corrupt Corporations: America Is F*cked

12.05.13 15 Comments

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Last night the Daily Show devoted much of the show to corporate crime. Here’s the gist: you, the average person, are f*cked. Big corporations, meanwhile, have an unlimited supply of “Don’t Go To Jail” cards. Large corporations can screw people out of billions to fatten the wallets of the people who run them and no one ever goes to jail. But if you get caught shoplifting a pack of gum this afternoon at your local 7/11 chances are you’re going to jail. Welcome to America in 2013.

Again, you probably know all of this already, but it helps to have it reinforced every now and again, I think. Look for cameos from the New York Times, Buzzfeed, NY1’s Pat Kiernan and Don Draper in here.

Here’s part one…

Part two…

Part three…

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