Trevor Noah Examines The Good And Bad Following Congress’ Gun Control Filibuster

06.17.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

This week senate democrats went on a marathon filibuster to force republicans into a vote on numerous gun control bills. Senator Chris Murphy was hailed as a hero has he spearheaded the filibuster that finally sent republicans to the vote, but it doesn’t mean everything that’s voted on is going to work just because a vote is actually happening.

To summarize: the first two bills that set to be voted on are as follows: people on terrorist watch lists are now stopped from buying a gun. Republicans want these people to have 72 hours so the FBI can find probable cause to deny their weapon purchase. The second bill closes a loophole in which gun purchases online or at gun shows circumvent background checks. The background check bill, in a similar but different from failed to pass after the Sandy Hook massacre.

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