The Daily Show Takes Clever Advantage Of Harriet Tubman On $20 Bill, Become Petty Thieves

Starting in 2030, Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill. This is a long-overdue win for civil rights and an important watermark in recognizing many important women in the history of the United States. While this shift from Andrew Jackson, who will still appear on the back of the bill, seems like a no-brainer to some, there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to touch the supposed historic sanctity of who appears on paper currency.

It’s the discussion of the day, to say the least. But, there’s also a third group of people who are deeply involved with this $20 bill news, and it’s people that want money. Like the people at The Daily Show.

It turns out, all you need to get a pretty decent amount of cash is a microphone and fully-equipped camera crew for a man-on-the-street segment. Ask some people to see a twenty dollar bill, take it from them to discuss its current iteration, distract them with a non-sensical fact about the bill then throw that Jackson (for now) straight into your sketchy trench coat pocket. It’s a simple formula for success. Good for The Daily Show. Anyone clever enough to think of this little trick deserves like, $120 and a their life threatened.
(Via The Daily Show)