It’s Like CNN Was Begging Jon Stewart To Blast It Over Its Relentless Coverage Of The ‘Ship Of Stools’

If you’ve turned on CNN at all in the past few days you know that the network — now under the command of Jeff Zucker, the man who molded NBC into what it is today — has essentially devoted itself to wall to wall coverage of the nightmare poop cruise floating aimlessly in the Gulf of Mexico. Even this morning, as space rocks probably not unlike the ones believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs rain down upon us, CNN has been all nightmare poop cruise, all the time with seemingly half of its on-air talent dispatched to Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans to interview the “survivors” of horrors one of them — them being CNN’s on-air talent — actually compared to Hurricane Katrina. If only the giant space rocks were covered in human waste, maybe then CNN would pay attention to them?

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart devoted his opening couple of minutes to mocking CNN mercilessly for its wall-to-wall coverage of the “Ship of Stools,” and we are all better for it. Enjoy.