Trevor Noah And The ‘Daily Show’ Take Melania Trump To Task For Equating Her Husband To A ‘Teenage Boy’

10.19.16 1 year ago 14 Comments

Another day, another strange excuse, or explanation of why Donald Trump is the way Donald Trump is from one of his family members. Recently, Trump’s wife and potential First Lady of the United States Melania Trump explained away Trump’s egregious “locker room talk” by equating him to a “teenage boy.” This may work when you’re explaining away your goofy husband who just set the kitchen on fire in the latest Allstate commercial (mayhem is unavoidable), but it probably shouldn’t be in the same ballpark when we’re discussing potential sexual assault allegations. Oh yeah, the guy is trying to be president, too. There’s that whole thing hovering over us. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that an election is going on.

Either way, Trevor Noah let Melania Trump have it:

“So, wait, you’re telling me the guy who says he’s going to tax China, wall Mexico, and knock the hell out of ISIS, that guy can’t handle himself in a conversation with Billy Bush? He got egged on? Yeah, apparently Donald Trump gives in to peer pressure a lot quicker than we realize.”

It’s not a good look, because it will leave many asking: if Trump were to give in to peer pressure so he could mock and degrade women, what else would he give in on?

(Via Daily Beast)

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