‘The Daily Show’ Soaks Up Every Awkward Moment From Trump’s First White House Easter Egg Roll

Unless you chose to remain in Jesus’ tomb instead of emerging on Easter Sunday, you know just how weird Donald Trump’s first White House Easter Egg Roll was. From his misplaced stump speech while standing next to the Easter Bunny, to forgetting to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem, the 45th President of the United States couldn’t even dispense “Make America Great Again” hats to the right people. Unsurprisingly, all of this and more provided ample fodder for late night comedians on Monday, including The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah.

The more popular blunders offered the host plenty to talk about, thought it was Noah’s attention to certain items left out of the viral response that set The Daily Show‘s treatment of the matter apart from others. Like when Trump signed an Easter card “exactly the same way that he signs executive orders. Which I guess means he didn’t read it, and a federal judge struck it down.” That, or when former Trump campaign and administration darling Kellyanne Conway showed up:

“The White House didn’t forget the true meaning of Easter, and that is the miraculous resurrection of Kellyanne Conway. This clip was supposed to be one of her shining moments, but thanks to the [Looney Tunes] music playing in the background, it had a complete different feel.”

“Of all the blunders that happen in this world of Trump,” Noah continued, “this one strangely seems like the most fitting. Because not only is Looney Tunes the right theme song for the Trump White House, but the world is probably going to end with Sean Spicer saying, ‘That’s all folks!'” Spicer did dress up as the Easter Bunny once during President George W. Bush’s tenure, after all. Perhaps his Bugs Bunny impression ain’t half bad.