‘The Daily Show’ Turns Trump’s Words Against Him Over His Denial Of Being Putin’s Puppet

According to Trevor Noah, Wednesday’s final presidential debate truly showed that Donald Trump doesn’t know why he’s currently losing the election. Like most media outlets, The Daily Show feels that Trump went off the rails close to the end of the debate where he hinted that he’d deny the election results and called Hillary a “nasty woman.” It was a mirror of the prior debates where most of the action occurred near the top of the debate, showing that once Clinton is able to get under Trump’s skin at any point, it gets ugly.

The best spot of Noah’s live post-debate coverage was when the topic of being Russian president Vladimir Putin’s puppet came up and the host decided to call back to the leaked “locker room” talk to claim that The Donald already seems to want to treat most women as puppets. It would be risky had South Park not aired some pee-soaked sex acts in the hour before.

Noah also hit on the Trump camps decision to invite President Obama’s half brother to the debate, likening it to ordering an appetizer at a restaurant and then having Obama’s half brother show up instead. At the end of the debate, it didn’t matter and was a non-issue during the discussion on the stage, making it a meaningless surprise compared to what we saw in debate two.

(Via The Daily Show)