‘The Daily Show’ Asked Trump Supporters About His ‘Locker Room Talk’ And What They Found Won’t Shock You

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10.14.16 10 Comments

Ever since unused footage from an Access Hollywood interview with Donald Trump leaked, all anyone can talk about is the “locker room talk” the Republican nominee engaged in with Billy Bush. Especially since additional allegations of sexual assault from numerous women have surfaced in the days that followed. Hence why Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper attended a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to ask the New York real estate mogul’s supporters about the allegations and whether or not they had any effect on their view. Unsurprisingly, they don’t.

In fact, as Klepper and his Daily Show colleagues discovered, the Trump fans willing to chat with them were more extreme in their views on “locker room talk” than Trump himself. Some of the more colorful things said include:

  • “You know what? So what if he wants to grab p*ssy? I want to grab p*ssy! I wish I could grab as much p*ssy as he has.”
  • “Well I’d like to grab Al Qaeda by the pu*ssy and shove some ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ right up it’s ass!”
  • “The p*ssy! Grab it all while you can… except I can’t talk like that in front of my daughter.”
  • “No matter what he says or does, I will vote for Donald Trump.”
  • “I asked a lot of women here, and half of them would love to have their p*ssies snatched by Trump.”
  • “One man’s sexual assault is another man’s flirtation.”

Let’s repeat that final one a couple of times, everyone. Say it together! “One man’s sexual as…” [vomits]

(Via The Daily Show)

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