Dakota Johnson Wants To Know If David Letterman’s Her Real Dad

Dakota Johnson, the very best (only good?) thing about Fifty Shades of Grey, dropped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night to have a chat with her dad. No, not Don Johnson, but Letterman himself. You see, Dakota’s mom Melanie Griffith used to appear on the show, and one time, she brought him handcuffs. Without missing a beat, and accompanied by a seductive bassline, the Ben and Kate (R.I.P.) star asked Letterman, “So, are you my dad?”

Sounds plausible to me. We also learned that Dakota Johnson was almost named Ruby Johnson, which as she notes, “My dad thought it sounded like a stripper’s name.” Letterman leeringly replied, “Where’s the problem?” What a weird thing for a father to say.