Dammit, Stop with the Kissing Family

12.13.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Paul Rudd hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and it was a pretty disappointing show, even by my own forgiving standards for “SNL.” Paul McCartney was given time to play four songs, which is understandable since he was a Beatle, but is NOT understandable when most of those songs are Wings songs. “Band on the Run”? Seriously? In 2010? Screw you, McCartney.
“SNL” also wasted Rudd’s comedic talents on my least favorite recurring sketch, the Kissing Family. (Haha, relatives making out. It’s funny because it’s gay incest.) And I now fast forward through the cold open the second I see Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama, because I know that it’s just going to be five minutes of me waiting for a laugh that never comes.
However, criticism aside, there were some highlights. Click through for the best of the show. And yes, they’re Hulu videos, so you foreigners will just have to busy yourself with government health care while we Americans enjoy online video clips.

My favorite sketch of the night. Original, funny, not too long.

I don’t go crazy for Bill Hader’s Stefon the way a lot of people do — it would be better if he didn’t break character every time — but there was a lot to like here. “A glimpse into Seth Meyers!” was a great line delivered well.

Guaranteed laugh from me every time: people making fun of British royalty. I’ll never say anything nice about Wings, but McCartney was definitely a good sport in this episode (he was also in the digital short, which isn’t online at the moment).

Okay, we’re stretching it for highlights with this one, but there’s still some solid material here. Solid material about liquid feces. That’s wordplay, right there.

Trademark “SNL” fake commercial. It was sandwiched between the deathly boring cold open/monologue and the horrendous Kissing Family sketch, so it’s a highlight simply for not being offensively unfunny.

And here’s the talent that “SNL” wasted: the classic “Celery Man” sketch from Tim & Eric. “Nude. Tayne.”

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