‘Damn, Daniel’ Ends Up On ‘Ellen,’ Gets Lifetime Supply Of White Vans And Looks Terrified The Entire Time

14-year-old Daniel Lara has finally done it: Within one week of becoming a meme, he’s been invited on Ellen to talk about the inexplicable popularity of “Damn Daniel” and receive the cash and prizes that come along with fleeting internet fame before disappearing forever. Along with his partner in crime–Josh, the guy who made the video and recently had his house swatted for his efforts — Daniel appeared on the show to discuss his signature style, the marriage proposals he’s getting, and exactly how his life has changed since he became the best-known Daniel since the one that played Harry Potter.

What’s best about this video, besides the fact that Josh gets a cheesy surfboard while Daniel’s hooked up with a lifetime supply of white Vans he’ll be rocking well into middle age — still telling his kids stories about how he never has to pay for shoes again because that internet is a wild and crazy place — is how incredibly terrified Daniel looks the entire time he’s being questioned about his newfound stardom. It’s a little uncomfortable to watch (especially when he sniffs the air the entire time like he’s dying of the world’s worst allergies), but it’s also kind of funny to see a viral sensation realize the exact moment he’s kind of done with the fame and fortune that comes along with being an internet celeb.

What’s that thing Andy Warhol said about everyone having their 15 minutes? Don’t worry, Daniel, your time is almost up.

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