Damon Wayans Jr. Will Remain On ‘New Girl’ Indefinitely, Now Please Stop Complaining About His Character

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11.07.13 45 Comments


After appearing in his first episode of New Girl since the pilot, the once beloved character we all COULD NOT WAIT to return was pretty much immediately dismissed as annoying, one-dimensional and underwhelming. IT WAS ONE EPISODE, PEOPLE. Not only that, it was one episode in which Coach had erected a facade to mask his true feelings for half the episode, so we didn’t really get to know him until the second half. Give the character a chance to grow. COACH WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY, Y’ALL.

Still, this is the Internet, where we beg and beg for things and when we finally get them, WE CRAP ALL OVER THEM. Well, we’re going to have plenty of time to crap all over Coach, because Damon Wayans, Jr. has committed to the entire season. He will not be elevated to series regular, however, because he does have another pilot in development for ABC for next year. If that falls through, however, Wayans could be a permanent cast member through next season and beyond.

What are they planning to do with Coach? Who knows? Next week, we do know he will ask out Cece, much to Schmidt’s consternation.

As for those who are complaining that Coach’s return will overshadow Winston, well, THAT’S A WEIRD THING TO SAY. Why wouldn’t he overshadow every other character similarly? Just because one black guy is introduced to a show doesn’t mean the other black guy gets a reduced role. There’s not a finite amount of time on New Girl allotted to the black characters. Coach and Winston can coexist just fine.

Point being: Give Coach more than one episode to develop the character before you dismiss him as THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO NEW GIRL EVER. Give the guy some time to TWIRL.


(Source: TVLine)

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