All The Places You’ve Seen And Heard Dan Castellaneta Without Realizing It

Dan Castellaneta is best known for his voice acting work as Homer Simpson and numerous other characters on The Simpsons. Like many voice actors though, Dan didn’t stick to one show and gained an IMDB full of 90s nostalgia in the process. You’ll also find a few live action roles on programs you’ve probably watched and didn’t even notice him in. Today is his birthday, so what better time than to take a look back at some of Castellaneta’s lesser heralded roles?

While I’ll be playing it a bit fast and loose with the live action stuff, there will be a non-Groening, 10 episode minimum on the voice credits (inadvertently disqualifying Robot Devil). Otherwise there would be pages lamenting Recess and trying to remember the Marsupilami theme song, and no one wants that.

Darkwing Duck – Megavolt

As one of The Fearsome Five, the electric villain was a frequent foe of Darkwing. With as much Darkwing Duck and Simpsons as I watched in the 90s this should’ve been realized way before a few days ago.

Back to the Future – Dr. Emmett Brown

Yeah, this was a thing. I’m noting it because the Bill Nye bits are what led to him getting his own show. Also this show was the first time I heard the “difference between a piano and a fish” joke. OK, fine, I couldn’t find any of his Taz-Mania clips. Happy now?

Eek! The Cat – Mittens

Every time I try to remember Eek!, all I can think of is The Terrible Thunderlizards theme.

Aladdin – Genie

Here are all the things I know about Aladdin’s voice cast:

1. Castellaneta voiced the Genie for the animated series’ full run, and The Return Of Jafar.
2. D.J.’s boyfriend from Full House has voiced just about every Disney iteration of Aladdin.
3. Gilbert Gottfried has reprised Iago a surprising amount of times.

Hey Arnold! – Arnold’s Grandpa

The most notable non-Simpsons role Castellaneta has played would be that of Arnold’s Grandpa. As the clip above notes, he’s very familiar with bowel movements.

He also totally kicked Hitler’s ass.

Earthworm Jim – Earthworm Jim

I remember this show based on a video game being good, but my taste on such things is not to be trusted.

Hercules (TV Series) – Homer

Because Disney is funny like that.

Space Jam – Male Fan

Friends – The Zoo Keeper

Stargate SG-1 – Citizen Joe

That 70s Show – Agent Armstrong

Castle – Judge Markway

Parks and Recreation – Derry Murbles

OK, you probably knew that last one, but the UPROXX rule book states that I have to reference Parks whenever possible.

L.A. Law – David Champion

In which Castellaneta plays a amusement park worker fired for taking of his costumed head in public. I got it cued up to the cameo, but the season recap at the beginning is somehow more ridiculous than Dan’s appearance.