Dan Harmon And Jason Sudeikis Prank-Called Chevy Chase, With Sudeikis Pretending To Be Joe Biden

Dan Harmon’s Harmontown Tour came to Brooklyn last night, and to appease the DIRTY HIPSTERS who attended, which would have included me if I had finished my handmade odd-like-me 5,085 piece Maude puzzle in time, the Community creator had something special in store. Jason Sudeikis was there, without Olivia Wilde, but invited guest Chevy Chase was a no-show. He and Sudeikis needed to know why, so they called Chase up mid-show.

According to Vulture:

Harmon recounted Chase’s confusing response to Harmon’s invite. “I texted him, ‘I’m doing my show in Brooklyn tomorrow night; are you in New York?’ and three hours later, he texted back the word country.”

The group then tried to figure out what this could mean. Asked Sudeikis, “How did he spell it? Was it two words or one word? Was he calling you a name?” (Via)

Obviously, Chase was saying he was “in the country,” but didn’t feel like typing two extra words. Harmon pressed on.

To solve the mystery, Harmon dialed Chevy on speakerphone and put his mike to it. Alas, the call went to voice mail. As Chase’s voice played, Harmon urged Sudeikis to leave a message as Vice-President Joe Biden, one of his staple SNL impressions. “Hey, Chevy, it’s Joe Biden,” said Sudeikis. “I just want to say we thank you for being a great patriot, and have fun in the country. We hope the country you always want to go back to is America.”

Harmon hung up and conceded, “It’s a pretty low-stakes prank. We’re not exactly the Jerky Boys.” They then parsed the many flaws in this punking. One, as Sudeikis pointed out, he actually sounds nothing like Joe Biden. And two, Chase’s phone clearly identified Harmon as the caller. Or, as Harmon pointed out, he may be listed in Chase’s contacts as “Fat, drunk asshole.” (Via)

One of these days, Chase is going to snap (again), and get his revenge on Harmon. It won’t be pretty. He seems like the kind of guy who knows how to play sick mind games, like becoming friendly with Bill Murray again just so he can convince him to call Harmon and tell him that “I’ve always hated Community and think you’re a reeking heap of barbershop hair held together with bourbon and misery,” or maybe just burn down Harmon’s house.

Either one, really.

(Via Vulture)