Dan Harmon Breaks Down The Biggest ‘Rick And Morty’ Moments, Including A Great Prank He Pulled On A Fan

Entertainment Editor
06.07.18 2 Comments

About a month after learning Rick and Morty will be returning for 70 (!) more episodes, co-creator Dan Harmon sat down with GQ to discuss the backstories behind some of the biggest moments in the show’s history. You might have had something else come to mind when you read the headline “Dan Harmon Breaks Down,” but this is all good news here.

Harmon started by pointing out something we hadn’t noticed about the Pickle Rick episode. “That episode is so much about alcoholism, and yet it’s the only episode of Rick and Morty where the word alcohol or references to booze are completely gone because I noticed right at the end and pulled the one reference to him being an alcoholic out so that it’s like this pure metaphor.”

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