Dan Harmon Explains What He Meant By ‘Fights’ Causing The ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3 Delay

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01.25.17 3 Comments

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The last time Adult Swim aired a new episode of creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s epic series, Rick and Morty, Barack Obama was still president and Donald Trump hadn’t announced his campaign yet. October 4, 2015 gifted the show’s fans with “The Wedding Squanchers,” an utterly ridiculous romp that only made audiences want more from the promised third season. Unfortunately, Harmon and Roiland’s efforts to appease the demand have been constantly delayed for almost a year and half, leaving fans to grasp for whatever morsels they could get.

Like Indiewire’s interview with Harmon on Monday, in which the man also known for Community finally explained why season three was taking so long. Apparently it had to do with “fights” he and Roiland were having behind the scenes:

As Rick and Morty has turned into a critical darling and a fan favorite, Harmon admitted that there has been more creative struggles as he and Roiland map out the show. “We have fights all the time and then we have fights about why we’re having fights,” he said. “‘Well, we didn’t fight during Season 2, that’s why it’s taking longer! All this fighting! So OK, let’s stop fighting!'”

Harmon indicated Roiland would “agree” with his assessment that they’d “f*cked up,” adding that the show “keeps taking longer and longer to write, and I don’t know why.” This seemed to suggest the pair’s apparent disagreements with one another were the main cause of the delay, but on Wednesday Harmon took to Twitter and claimed this wasn’t actually the case:

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