Dan Harmon Gets ANOTHER TV Deal, Says ‘Community’ Is Like a Dog that Pissed On His Face

08.01.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Before we get to the news portion of this post, let me mention that I was listening to Dan Harmon’s podcast over the weekend, and he started talking about getting a dog (he’s going go get a Golden Doodle). In remarks about the getting that dog, he went on a hilariously self-deprecating (but not self-pitying) diatribe comparing Community to his dog.

“We researched the kind of dogs we might get if we were going to get a dog now that I’m fired. Community was my dog. It has sadly stopped fetching my slippers. And has, in fact, taken to pissing on my face while I sleep. And having panels at Comic-Con WITHOUT ME.”

Harmon went on to say that, during Comic-Con, he was so distraught that he spent two days cleaning his house, muttering “NERDS.” “I’m a wreck,” he continued. “The show dumped me. It broke up with me. I feel warped and bad and petty about it … but I put on a smile … I’m bummed out. I love my show. What if they came through your window and took your baby? You’d probably clean your house.”

Harmon can officially stop cleaning his house now. In addition to producing an animated sitcom for Adult Swim and signing a script deal to write a multi-camera sitcom for Fox, he’s now penning ANOTHER sitcom script for CBS.

Again, like the Fox deal, this is a blind script agreement for a multi-camera sitcom, meaning that CBS has committed Harmon to an undecided project. I don’t know how Harmon’s sensibilities could possibly fit in over on CBS, where the average age of the viewer is 52, but maybe he’s very serious about recent statements he’s made about making a broader comedy. Personally, I don’t think he has it in him. A few bad exec notes, and Harmon will take his sitcom down the niche rabbit hole with him.

Back to the podcast: I should also mention that Harmon’s twenty-something year old girlfriend, Erin McGathy, co-hosted that podcast, and 1) she’s super cute, and 2) she’s actually funnier than Harmon. She’s definitely the female version of him, and she is hilarious.

(Image via Dan Harmon’s Twitter)

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