Watch Dan Harmon Get High And Freestyle Rap About F**king Your Mom

For the unfamiliar, Getting Doug with High is a weekly YouTube series in which podcaster extraordinaire Doug Benson gets high with some fellow comedians, and they shoot the sh*t. It airs weekly on Wednesdays. A couple of weeks ago, before Community had been saved by Yahoo, Dan Harmon appeared on the show. He got really f**king high. He rapped. Steve Agee provided the beat. It involved a lot of pee. And poop. And I-f*cked-your-mom jokes. And then when they were done, they reworked the rap a some more, because even when he’s baked out of his mind, DAN HARMON IS A PERFECTIONIST.

It starts at 32:45. Stick around afterwards if you want to hear them review the weed they’re smoking.

via Reddit