Dan Harmon Posted A Lengthy Apology For All Those Things He Said

So Dan Harmon said some things he probably shouldn’t have said (or at least in a way he probably shouldn’t have said them), then he apologized, and, now, he has apologized again. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. He’s done all this before, and in all likelihood, despite what appears to be a sincere desire to throw a wrench in the cycle, he’ll do it again. That’s kind of what you get with Dan Harmon: moments of comedic and storytelling brilliance mixed in with explosive bouts of self-destruction. No, the surprise here isn’t that it happened. The surprise, if there is one, is that it all happened by the end of his first official day back on the job. That’s some impressive hustle.

His second apology, which he posted on Tumblr in the wee hours of the morning, addresses each of the groups he offended, in turn: the fans, the staff, the writers, anyone who was hurt by his “watching your family get raped on the beach” comment, and anyone who was hurt by his use of “durpy durpy dur” (which is basically code for “person with developmental disability”). You should probably read it, if only because honest, non-publicist-y apologies from public figures are rare.

Anyway, I’m guessing that whole “Dan Harmon doing the DVD commentary for Season 4” thing is off now.