Dan Harmon Wanted To Do A Nicolas Cage-Themed Episode Of 'Community'

Community joined the ranks of Star Trek, Star Wars, and other pop culture mainstays with or without “star” in the title this weekend, when the first ever Community fan convention, or CommuniCon, went down in Los Angeles. Many of the show’s writers, including Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Chris McKenna, and Steve Basilone, were there, as were stars Gillian Jacobs (rocking a new brunette look) and Yvette Nicole Brown. But the big get was ousted creator Dan Harmon, who conducted a long Q&A with the Human Beings in attendance. Topics covered included alcohol, Chevy Chase, alcohol, Dean Puns, alcohol, and a Nic Cage-themed episode that would have ended the Internet.

“For two seasons we wanted to do an episode where Jeff Winger pretended there was a class called ‘Nicolas Cage Appreciation,’ and then the Dean caught them and as punishment to them he was going to make that a real class and force them to watch all the Nicolas Cage movies in one night. The thing about Nicolas Cage movies is… unless you’re a total cynical dick, you have to embrace the fact that Nicolas Cage is a pretty good actor. He’s done a lot of weird, dumb movies, but that was supposed to be the point of the episode — that Nicolas Cage is a metaphor for God, or for society, or for the self, or something. It’s like — what is Nicolas Cage? What is he? Is he an idiot? Or a genius? Can you write him off, or is he inexplicably bound to your soul?” (Via)

Dan Harmon and I, we’ve had our problems in the past, but this is the final straw — YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO DO AN ENTIRE EPISODE ABOUT NICOLAS CAGE…AND DIDN’T??? Like my grandmother always says, if you’re in a position where you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars of network money on something Nic Cage-related, you do it. Though Harmon does have a point: a Cage film festival sounds like a reward, not a punishment, assuming you leave out The Family Man, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Windtalkers, The Ant Bully, World Trade Center, Astro Boy…OK, everything but Raising Arizona, both National Treasure movies, Bad Lieutenant, and The Wicker Man. Pierce seems like someone who’s just itching to punch a woman while in a bear suit.

(Via Flavorwire)