Dan Harmon Will Replace Your Wife On Your Phone Background No Questions Asked

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03.10.14 5 Comments

Dan Harmon is absolutely winning SXSW 2014. There’s no denying it at this point. First there was the D&D movie pitch. Then he absolutely nailed how we should feel about the True Detective finale. And now a Redditor just shared the above side-by-side image with the caption, “I told my wife that if I ever met Dan Harmon, he’d replace her picture as my phone background. Guess who I bumped into at SXSW this weekend…”

And while that’s a super odd and particular thing to preemptively declare to your wife I’m sure glad this dude did. Because in conclusion…

Winners: Dan Harmon, the internet. Losers: This guy’s wife and this guy when she finds out she’s been plastered all over the internet. Good times. Five MeowMeowBeans and so forth.

via Reddit

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