Dan Harmon’s Lady Friend Turned Alison Brie Into A Giant Cake

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04.03.14 16 Comments

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Tonight is Community‘s much-anticipated G.I. Joe episode. It was made in conjunction with Hasbro, and according to Dan Harmon, “The weird thing was how cooperative they were. Not that we maligned their product in any way, but their product is a syndicated, children’s cartoon with a different rating than ours, so it’s like part of the point of the episode is that there’s a different sensibility within this world. So I thought they’d have more problems than they did with the idea of Jeff Winger’s G.I. Joe character accidentally killing people. But they were cool with that!” Still doesn’t make up for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Anyway, to celebrate the nostalgic occasion, This Feels Terrible podcast pro and Dan Harmon’s fiancée Erin McGathy made one of her patented Ugly Cakes in the shapely shape of Alison Brie’s G.I. Joe character, Tight Ship. To quote Homer Simpson, “Ooh, erotic cakes…”

erin tweetBkSO83BCYAAbSRn.jpg_large

I’ll be very disappointed if Annie’s Boobs doesn’t pop out of her Rice Krispie bosom.

Via @ErinMcGathy

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