Danai Gurira Will Be Exiting ‘The Walking Dead’


Fans of The Walking Dead have long feared that Danai Gurira would one day exit The Walking Dead after she matched starring in the biggest series on cable television with starring in the biggest movie at the box office last year, Black Panther. Recently, those rumors began to pick up steam as it appeared that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would conflict with Danai Gurira’s schedule on the AMC series. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s official: Danai Gurira is leaving The Walking Dead.

Her exit will not take place immediately, according to sources who spoke to THR. Rather, Gurira will return for the tenth season in a limited capacity. She will appear in a handful of episodes before exiting the series and segueing into The Walking Dead movies starring Andrew Lincoln.

In other words, Michonne and Rick will reunite again. Just not on the TV series.

Presumably, this arrangement represents the best of both worlds for both Gurira and AMC. Gurira will have the flexibility now to work on her feature film career (and appear in more MCU movies), while The Walking Dead will be able to hang on to one of its most popular characters. It also gives Scott Gimple, the architect of The Walking Dead universe, another challenge: Finding a way to reunite Rick and Michonne without disturbing the television show.

Fans, of course, will be heartbroken, losing yet another major character after the departures of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan. However, the series — recently renewed for a tenth season — will undoubtedly find a way to continue and, hopefully, build on the momentum that new showrunner Angela Kang has brought to the series.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)