Who Should Rick Perry Channel On ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Jerry Springer Or Tom DeLay?

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In addition to disgraced U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, former Texas governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry will appear on the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars. And as the Dallas Morning News and subsequent outlets pointed out, President George W. Bush’s successor to the Texas throne won’t be the first of the state’s politicos to gyrate on the popular ABC reality television contest. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay hammered his way through (and off of) season nine.

Then again, DeLay himself wasn’t the first former politician to waltz his way onto the Dancing with the Stars stage. That honor belongs to none other than Jerry Springer, the daytime talk show host who served as city councilman (despite a scandal involving a prostitute and a personal check) and, for a single year, mayor of Cincinnati. Both men gave less-than-stellar performances that, despite their constant panning by critics and viewers alike, permanently embedded themselves into the minds and memories of audiences unable to avert their eyes.

Considering Perry’s tweeted image with professional dancer Emma Slater, the 23rd season is primed to do the same:

That being said, the real question is: Who should Perry emulate? Springer, who spent most of the third season making fun of himself and having a good time? Or DeLay, who ignored his pending legal troubles and took the contest so seriously he suffered stress fractures in both feet?

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