‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Were Not Happy With The Results Of The Season Finale

Entertainment Writer

If one thing is clear from the finale of Dancing With The Stars, it is the emotional investment people have in who wins the show. Rashad Jennings walked away with the Mirror Ball, but the controversy that has popped up a few times this season reared its head again for some fans. There have been some head scratchers, leading to calls of the votes being rigged or some deep conspiracy against certain contestants. This is a path I don’t know that we need to travel down, mainly because I fear there are already enough people pacing around like Charlie Kelly right now. It’s an odd world and some things make it odder.

That said, Tuesday’s finale didn’t do much to calm certain fans of the show. Supporters of Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei have been passionate all season and got behind the singer as the only female contestant left on the show. Kordei had apparently been collecting some perfect scores all season and the finale was no different, placing her within one point of eventual winner Jennings in their final performances according to E News.

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