Daniel Craig’s James Bond Injuries Luckily Didn’t Include Naomie Harris’ Shaving Scene

Entertainment Writer

So Daniel Craig hurts himself quite a bit in these James Bond films, likely the reason why he’s allegedly ditching the role to pass the torch to Zac Efron (let’s start that rumor today). He’s busted his shoulder, had surgery on both knees, and likely a slight tinge in his nethers from all the fake sex he is forced to have on screen. Chuck Negron style, like a hot dog in a microwave.

Anyway, this discussion of injuries leads down the path of Christoph Waltz revealing that he’s actually a horse and that’s an odd place to be considering he spent a lot of time riding his own people around in Django Unchained. Luckily the rest of the interview wasn’t problematic and dealt with Naomie Harris getting straight razor training to shave James Bond in a scene from Spectre.

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