Daniel Radcliffe’s Pint-Sized Charm and the Offensively Bad Lana Del Rey on ‘SNL’

01.16.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

The good: Daniel Radcliffe’s exuberance and hobo jokes.

The bad: most of the episode; the Mitt Romney opening; the Glenda Okones series; “You Can Do Anything” trying, and failing, to sum up an entire generation; TWO Sarah McLachlan references…There was a lot to not like about this week’s episode, though Radcliffe was consistently excellent. He was game for anything without seeming desperate for laughs, and it’s a shame the quality of most of the sketches weren’t better.

The worst: Lana Del Rey’s Carey Mulligan-in-Shame impression of a “musical” performance. Holy crap.

This was the Target Lady’s NINTH “SNL” appearance, dating back to 2005. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kristen Wiig should only do one-off characters. Target Lady’s not as bad as Gilly, but that’s like saying genital warts aren’t as bad as syphilis.

Hobos — or “homeless bozos” — are never not funny.

It came about two years too late, but I found “Delaware Fellas” hilarious. I’m a sucker for a good terrible Italian accents, and British Daniel and black Kenan brought their best/worst. But mama mia, where was the CABBAGE?

Much to their credit, “SNL” found an interesting angle for their inevitable Harry Potter sketch, and as my fiancée noted, Radcliffe’s make-up looked better here than in the movie. There was only one thing missing:

I’m referring to Rachel Dratch, of course.

Does “SNL” admitting that they have no idea what the hell to do with Jay Pharoah make this any funnier? Nope. This was better when it was “The Chris Farley Show.” But that’s true of anything Chris Farley-related:

In 100 years, people are going to laugh so hard at our ironic “Rugrats” t-shirts.

Alternate lyrics: “Have sex with me/I know you want to have sexxx with me/Sex with me/Sex with me.”

“Whee?” (More on Lana — whose recorded tracks don’t sound nearly as bad — here.)

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