Daniel Tosh Versus Reddit

As evidenced by Ken Jennings’s witty repartee with Internet geeks, Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” forums have become increasingly newsworthy in recent weeks. Yesterday, a staffer for “Tosh.0” published the banner image here as an AMA. It was a funny twist: Daniel Tosh, obviously knowing that white signboards are an invitation for Photoshop mockery, made himself a target to some of the savviest and smartest web users on the internet, and the Redditors happily played along by taking his bait. (Well, many played along; several bleeding gashes complained that Tosh snubbed their precious Valhalla of information-sharing.)
The entire thread is here, but I’ve saved you some time (and whining from Reddit users) by compiling the best Photoshops on the following pages — and I even put them in a nice, progressive order. Be sure to leave some jokes in the comments so that Tosh can use them on his show.

There were a lot of ones like these. “Sorry Reddit, I don’t want anal”, etc.
Not particularly creative, but certainly effective.
One user took advantage of the date signature on the sign.
But he foresaw the Sendai earthquake! He could have saved so many lives!
Why does he need a sign for that? Everyone loves tacos.
There were plenty of drawings, too — most of which were better than the lettered signs.
How come I censored this drawing but not the previous one? Because the last one was ART, dammit! (uncensored here)
That explains the racist jokes.
This might be my favorite one. Someone noticed that the Tupperware container to Tosh’s left appeared to be filled with pot, and gangsta-fied the picture suitably.
Superman II FTW.