Danny McBride Is Developing An Animated ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Series For HBO Max

After revamping the Halloween franchise, Danny McBride is trying his hand at reviving another ’80s classic: The Garbage Pail Kids. According to a new report from Deadline, McBride will serve as both co-creator and writer for a new Garbage Pail Kids animated series for HBO Max. The actor’s Rough House Pictures will also produce the series that’s borne out of McBride and co-creator David Gordon Green’s love of the classic Topps trading cards and Saturday morning cartoons. Via Deadline:

The Topps Company created Garbage Pail Kids in 1985. The gross-out humor and subversive attitude of Garbage Pail Kids became a worldwide phenomenon that recently celebrated its 35th anniversary while remaining an integral part of a retro revival of all things 80’s.

The Garbage Pail Kids animated series marks a continuing love-fest between McBride and HBO after he delivered the dark comedy classic Eastbound & Down. On top of developing Garbage Pail Kids, the actor is currently hard at work on the second season of The Righteous Gemstones, which saw its production shut down barely 48 hours in at the start of the pandemic.

Walton Goggins snapped a selfie of himself in character as Baby Billy Freeman in mid-April, which let fans know The Righteous Gemstones is officially back on track. Following the Goggins reveal, Jason Schwartzman and Eric Andre were added to the season two cast, which was already stacked to begin with thanks to series regulars McBride, Goggins, Adam Devine, and the always excellent Edi Patterson.

(Via Deadline)