Danny McBride Thought He Had A UFO Encounter During One Of His Mushroom-Fueled ‘Spirit Journeys’

Most of Danny McBride’s pals from his college days are still the ones helping keep his career chugging along throughout all of his projects. If you enjoyed Eastbound And Down, The Foot Fist Way, or HBO’s latest Vice Principals, you can thank McBride and his friends from college.

You can also thank them for his free spirit attitude to life. The actor and his pals apparently go on what he refers to as a spirit journey from time to time, eating a few shrooms and heading out to Joshua Tree in California to have a good time. This leads to one fun story on Conan where McBride talks about the time he encountered a UFO during one of the spirit journeys. The only problem, as you can guess, is that it wasn’t really a UFO. It was a true moment of realization for McBride and his friends, mostly pertaining to their drug use.

Conan also talked about an encounter he had with shrooms, only he wasn’t the one taking them. He managed to run into a car load of guys using mushrooms while riding his bike around and they begged him to the call the cops for help. They didn’t recognize him at all due to his helmet and glasses, but the police soon let the cat out of the bag and blew those fellas away.

They’ll never believe it was real, like some sort of Bill Murray encounter.

(Via Team Coco)