Danny Pudi Got A 'Community' Fan Laid By Autographing A Starbucks Cup

There are a few more moving parts than the title suggests, but that’s pretty much the gist. As the Redditor who shared the story puts it: “Got my friend hooked on Community; 2 days later she goes to NYC and runs into Danny Pudi at the NBC Studios. She got this for me. A week later we started dating.”

This pronouncement of course led to lots of great “Abed got you laid” comments and “You’re dating Danny Pudi?” snickers. The “conveniently hot” friend even showed up to confirm the story, so unless this is a wildly sophisticated and completely pointless ruse the moral of the story is: Danny Pudi will break Alison Brie and Dave Franco up for the good of humanity. Or at least that’s my read.

Regardless, congrats on the regular intercourse from Troy and Abed…

Via Reddit