‘Daredevil’ Did It Again With Another Amazing Continuous Shot Fight Scene

Daredevil is a really good superhero show. Not like Marvel has been putting out any bad superhero shows … but Daredevil stands head and shoulders above most of the others. If you want to convince one of your anti-comic book show friends to get in on the genre, you could do a lot worse than Daredevil.

When season one of the show debuted on Netflix, it was a particular scene that gained it a lot of attention: a three minute single shot fight that took place in the hallway between Daredevil and a gang of mobsters. And with season two having debuted on March 18th, some of us binge watchers have now seen the sequel to that scene.

The fight takes place in the third episode of season two and is spoiler free, unless you consider ass whuppings to be spoilers, in which case the whole thing is one giant spoiler. But seriously, you can enjoy this guilt free, then send it to all your on-the-fence friends to convince them to watch Daredevil too, so you can all get together and gush about how great it is.

I will add one small caveat for cinema purists who have very strict definition of single shot scenes. Where the first season hallway scene was a ‘real’ one shot, aka filmed in one long continuous take with no cuts or splicing of footage together, this season two fight follows what I call the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ school of one shots. You can notice moments where the camera swings through darkness and allows the editor to stitch together different takes.

But considering this season’s fight takes place in a hallway and down several flights of stairs, I’ll forgive them for using two or three long cuts instead of one. It’s still an amazing scene, just one of many in this must watch season of Daredevil.

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