When Will ‘Daredevil’ Season Two Premiere On Netflix?

Last week, Entertainment Weekly treated Marvel fans to new photos from the second season of its first hit Netflix show, Daredevil. The pictorial spread, along with assorted quotes from the cast and crew, was enough to distract most readers from one little bit of information: the second season might be debuting a month earlier than expected.

Being that the first season premiered in April 2015 to much acclaim, most assumed the second would do the same in April 2016. And viewers can’t wait, as they’re already excited about the prospect of seeing Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) fight Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) — otherwise known as the Punisher — in Hell’s Kitchen. Elektra Natchios (Elodie Yung), the blind vigilante’s adventurous love interest, will also feature prominently.

As Comic Book Resources point out, however, the Entertainment Weekly article briefly mentions Daredevil‘s return to Netflix happening in March. If true, this means that all the Daredevil-Punisher-Elektra action fans have craved since Marvel announced Bernthal and Yung’s casting will happen in just two months.

Netflix hasn’t commented officially on EW‘s line about March and the buzz it generated. Even so, Marvel needs something to stand out in the first quarter ahead of Captain America: Civil War‘s theatrical release in May. Why not the second season of Daredevil?

(Via Comic Book Resources)