Daryl Dixon Encounters A New Type Of Zombie As Hoverboards Meet ‘The Walking Dead’

02.24.16 2 years ago

Norman Reedus highlighted his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live by giving Daryl Dixon a new threat to deal with on The Walking Dead. While on a supply run inside of an abandoned parking garage, Daryl comes upon a bit of “futuristic” technology. It would seem that zombies are now able to ride those pesky new hoverboards, turning them from walkers into gliding douchebags. At least that’s what Daryl mentions before dispatching them.

The makeup isn’t exactly up to the standard we’re used to on The Walking Dead, but it gets the point across. Zombies are absolutely everywhere and they’re getting better at traveling around. Who knew we were creating our own doom when we introduced the hoverboard? Likely the creators, because they probably knew the things burst into flames. But I don’t think they could ever think that zombies would learn to ride them.

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