Dave Chappelle Nicely Navigates His Way Through An Unrehearsed Announcement Of Donald Glover’s First Emmy

Dave Chappelle has smoked his way through stand-up sets that have lasted for over six hours, so it’s no surprise that he supposedly skipped rehearsals and improvised his way through his announcement of the Best Director for a Comedy Series. Chappelle was nonchalant and genuinely funny by not doing much of anything whilst standing next to Melissa McCarthy (who was thanked by Sean Spicer earlier in the evening), but Donald Glover seemed grounded and thankful.

In fact, the possibility is there that he didn’t know that he’s the first actor to win an Emmy for directing himself in a comedy series in 40 years. The last person to do it — Alan Alda for M*A*S*H. What makes this even more impressive is the list of hard-hitters that he was going up against to win this award, including Dave Mandel and Dale Stern of Veep, and Mike Judge and Jamie Babbit for Silicon Valley. Glover also became the first black director to ever win the award.

Now Glover has a chance to win both Best Director for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for his brilliant show, Atlanta. Incredible. The dude is also Lando Calrissian. He’s killing it.

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