Dave Chappelle Has Been Recording Footage For A New HBO Comedy Special

Dave Chappelle new special coming
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Arguably the strangest part of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber was why, of all of the people in the room, Dave Chappelle was standing in the back like some jacked nobody. Is Comedy Central still taking it out on the beloved stand-up comic for ending his hit series, Chappelle’s Show, instead of letting it run for a million seasons? Did the all-powerful Illuminati of Hartford, Connecticut banish him to a lifetime of standing room only? Or was he simply just coming back from the bathroom when he was randomly called out? Whatever the reason, it’s always great to see Chappelle, and the word on the web-streets is that we’re about to see roughly one more hour of him.

According to Comedy Hype, while Chappelle was making fans pee their pants at Austin’s ACL Live recently, there were also cameras rolling for the comic’s first special since 2005. There’s no date or even a title yet, but HBO will eventually have the follow-up to “For What it’s Worth,” so we have that to look forward to.

To hold us over, here’s video of Chappelle getting funky with Stevie Wonder’s band at his after party in Austin.