Jerry Seinfeld Surprised Dave Chappelle’s Radio City Crowd With A Sharp Stand-Up Set

08.24.17 7 months ago 2 Comments

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Dave Chappelle’s 16-show residency at Radio City Music Hall has been advertised as featuring appearances by some of your favorite artists, but that hasn’t removed the intrigue involving who Chappelle will feature as his special guests. On Wednesday night, during a four-hour, guest-filled show we were lucky to attend, Chappelle made it one to remember when he introduced Jerry Seinfeld. “Every comedian comes back to stand-up,” Chappelle says. “You are now rocking with the best — Jerry Seinfeld!”

Seinfeld, coming out to a rapturous response, began his set by congratulating Chappelle’s efforts in gathering all these talented people together during his New York takeover. Chappelle, who is enjoying another career renaissance, has the clout to call in some favors. He succeeded in getting a comedy legend to “work for free,” as Seinfeld graciously pointed out.

For Seinfeld fans, the evening felt like an appropriate teaser to his new hour-long special, Jerry Before Seinfeld, premiering on Netflix on September 19. Seinfeld, who is now 63, has years of wisdom under his belt, using his observational comedy to dissect everyday life and how nobody likes anything. The material hit close to home for the audience, whether he was riffing about how much work it is to go out to our dependence on our phones.

Funnily enough, our phones were placed in pouches — locked away so we wouldn’t be able to use them. That meant no Instagram, no Twitter, no Snapchat, no videos — a millennial’s torture. Seinfeld went into a diatribe about how we must keep track of two lives — ours and our phone’s battery life. Then, in almost taunting us, he pulls out his own phone to access some unread text messages.

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