Dave Grohl, Rainn Wilson, And Jordana Brewster Sketched A Naked Old Man On ‘The Late Late Show’

A professional nude model and committed beard grower named Jonathan experienced the ecstasy and the agony of being at once free and hidden by shame pixels last night on The Late Late Show, as comedy maverick™ James Corden unleashed yet another python. Why was the bastard son of Carl “Oldy” Olson encouraged to bare his casing to Dave Grohl, Jordana Brewster, and Rainn Wilson last night? Because Corden knows that we’re all beautiful creatures, always forced into the shadows of corduroy pants and flannel boob coverings by square society, and he wanted to force nakedness into the light and capture it with pad and pencil. That’s why.

How’d our little art class do? You’ll have to judge for yourself because all art is subjective, but I’d give a gold ribbon to Brewster and to Corden because, unlike Wilson and Grohl, they didn’t shy away from drawing Jonathan’s Jonathang. And that takes courage.